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4 Reasons to Dive Oahu

Updated: May 4, 2019

Oahu is a spectacular tourist destination for people from all over the world. The people here embrace the "aloha way of life" and are generally quite friendly. Aside from your typical tourist attractions, Oahu offers amazing underwater experiences for divers and snorkelers alike. It doesn't matter how much experience you have in the water because the island has pristine sites suitable for anyone to learn. And if you are wanting to become scuba certified, then check out our Courses page!

Hawai'i is home to hundreds of marine wildlife species, 20% of which are endemic. This means that you can't find them anywhere else in the world! On any given dive, you'll be sure to see a plethora of marine wildlife. If you want to see sea turtles that aren't camera shy, check out Turtle Canyon. Want to see some sharks? We know some great spots where they like to hang out. But don't forget to keep an eye out for the Hawai'i state fish, the Humuhumunukunukuapua`a (Rhinecanthus rectangulus)!

What's better than exploring a sunken vessel? Getting to see all of it with 100ft visibility. The waters around Oahu are crystal clear, and there are more dive sites to explore than one could likely fit within a single vacation. There is a reason the Corsair and YO-257 are both ranked in the top 25 dive sites in the United States. Are you an Advanced Open Water diver? Check out the Sea Tiger at 100ft deep. Want something shallower? The Navy Tug only goes to about 60ft and can be easily enjoyed by anyone.

We know that much of the world's coral is dying, but Hawai'i offers one of the few places in the United States to see a lively coral reef ecosystem. If you haven't seen "Chasing Coral" on Netflix, then I highly recommend it!

You don't have to be a scuba diver to enjoy everything the water has to offer. Some of our favorite sites like Turtle Canyon are also great for kids and other people who would prefer to snorkel or free dive. Don't be surprised when you look down and see the sea turtles right below your feet!

At Aloha Scuba Diving Co., our goal is to give you an unforgettable island experience while maintaining safety as our number one priority. We only book up to six divers per trip to ensure that you have our full attention and feel like part of our team. Because when we are in the water, that is what we are...a dive team.

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