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Technical diving is a the application of special equipment, knowledge, procedures, and skills to safely conduct dives beyond recreational diving limits. This may include the use of enriched gas blends to include 100% oxygen, conducting planned decompressions dives, accelerating decompression procedures, using trimixes, and diving to depths well beyond 150 feet. Through these courses, you will gain valuable knowledge, skills, and experience unmatched in most other types of diving. By the time you complete your training your abilities as a diver will have greatly expanded and your dive skills tested.

Discover TEc

This experience allows the prospective technical diver see what it feels like to dive in technical equipment. You will be exposed to some basic tec skills in a safe and controlled environment. Depending upon your interests, you may have the oportunity to try both sidemount and the traditional backmount gear configurations.

Side mount diver

This is an introductory Sidemount course. In it you will learn about the techniques to dive in this equipment configuration, but also how to select, assemble, and adjust your sidemount equipment setup.

tec sidemount

This is a more intermediate sidemount course. This course will teach you not only how to configure your sidemount equipment and the skills needed to dive it, but also it how to use the equipment and skills a Tec diver needs. You will use multiple stage/deco cylinders and train on advanced sidemount emergency procedures. This course is designed to train students interested in learning Tec diving in the sidemount configuration or training Tec divers who want to begin diving in a sidemount configuration.

TEC 40

This is the introductory PADI Tec course. The skills you learn in this course will form the foundation upon which more advanced Tec courses will build upon. This course will challenge you to improve your dive knowledge and skills to a new level. You will be certified to conduct limited decompressions dives within recreational depths after this course.

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